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Smog Check Service

The state of California was the first state to ever institute emission controls on new automobiles in 1963. Implementation and evolution of these emission regulations has made California the leader in smog prevention in the United States. In order to maintain these high standards, California requires that every other time you register your vehicle you must obtain a smog certificate that shows your vehicle’s emission levels.

At Pacific Motors we are able to run the certification check for you at our Eco Smog location at 899 Lighthouse Ave. in Monterey. If corrections need to be made to your vehicle after the smog check, we can service your automobile at either one of our locations, Monterey or Pacific Grove.

If you live in the Pacific Grove, Del Monte Forest, Carmel, Seaside, Marina, or Monterey area and need to get a smog check done please bring your vehicle to our Eco Smog shop today!

Eco Smog: 899 Lighthouse Ave, Monterey, Ca 93940