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AAA approved auto repair

AAA only certifies the shops that meet the highest criterion. When you go to a AAA certified shop, you can always be sure you're in great hands.

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Pacific Motor Service offers a 3 Year/36,000 Mile Napa Peace of Mind Nationwide Limited Warranty on all services and repairs performed at their shops.

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Our tire module provides a quick and easy way to get the perfect tire for your vehicle. Finding a tire that fits your exact needs and price range is just a few clicks away.

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If you need a rental car, we can provide one to you at a discounted rate. Pacific Motor Service is here to help you with your transportation needs while your vehicle is in our shop.

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Outstanding service, customer friendly, open and honest
5 star review by Jack R.
The shop installed a protective cover underneath our Prius. Turns out that the cover was outside of tolerance and created quite ta rattle. I reported this to the shop manager and it was reinstalled properly. I would not hesitate to trade with Pacific Motor Service in the future.
4 star review by David T.
Kevin and his team have been take care of my families cars for decades , impeccable personal care and honesty , priceless!!!
5 star review by Mark D.
Very straight forward. Made an appointment on Friday for Monday for oil change and check up. Check up reviled I had a service at 70,000 that I needed to have done. I agreed and all was completed by the EOD Monday.
5 star review by Fred W.
Kyle did a excellent job of detecting our problem and solving it in a timely manner. He explained the problem to us in a way that we could easily understand. In addition, Kevin gave us a ride home. Great service, great people.
5 star review by Bill B.
Professional, polite, and thorough. Every Time .
5 star review by Dr. Denise V.
Great service again! Only my second time using their services, but definitely a lifetime customer now! Fair rates, and great customer service. Highly reccomend
5 star review by Terrell L.
Once again, outstanding customer service at the front desk and very thorough diagnostics by the mechanic. These folks keep my vehicle in great shape for its advanced age. No costly repairs were recommended or needed. This shop has earned my trust.
5 star review by Susanne P.

Pacific Motor Service

Pacific Motor Service is a family owned automotive maintenance and repair company with a focus on providing world class customer service for the Monterey Peninsula. We make maintaining and repairing your vehicle convenient, with online scheduling and shuttle service as well as providing free rental cars for major repairs. Our staff has technical expertise to diagnose and repair all major domestic, Japanese and European makes and models.

Pacific Motor Service emphasizes the importance of effective communication and client engagement. We have an exceptional capability to meet clients where they are; providing clear, articulate descriptions and explanations, we transform difficult to understand information into actionable knowledge. We also strive to bring out the best in our team, focusing on personal and professional development, resulting in a fundamentally leadership-oriented enterprise.

AAA Certified

AAA Certified shops must adhere to strict standards of excellence. From the parts used, to the qualifications of the technicians, AAA only certifies the shops that meet the highest criterion. When you go to a AAA certified shop, you can always be sure you're in great hands.

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NAPA Web Tools

NAPA Web Tools are here to help you understand exactly what is going on under the hood of your car. This powerful tool provides videos and graphics of the function of each component of your vehicle and the importance of your repairs.

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Welcome to Pacific Motor Service

Welcome to Pacific Motor Service, where you will find honest, ethical, and female friendly auto repair in Monterey and Pacific Grove, California. Since 1947, Pacific Motor Service has been serving the Monterey Peninsula with quality automotive inspections, repairs, and regularly scheduled maintenance services.

We service all auto makes and models, and our technicians are ASE Certified.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continuously advance the standards of excellence in Automotive Service. We accomplish this through a partnership with our clients and community based on trust, integrity, communication, and a concern for our environment.

Kevin Donohoe signature

Our Values


Choosing courage over comfort, choosing what is right over what is fun, fast or easy, and choosing to practice our values rather than simply professing them. - Brene Brown


Accountability is holding ones’ self-responsible for actions and guarantees; being open to constructive criticism and fair evaluation. It is the willingness to maintain standards in any situation, without compromising your core values.


Strive for monotonic improvement. Continual development with the spirit of growing leaders to create an enduring, great company.


An un-withering desire. Having passion means to have a strong and barely controllable emotion.


The action of helping. Providing aid for the betterment of an individual, team or community.


Disciplined people, engaged in disciplined thought, taking disciplined action; the culture of discipline starts not with what you have the discipline TO DO, but with what you have the discipline to STOP DOING. - Jim Collins


Importance requiring swift action. The paradigm of proactivity; do what needs to be done before it becomes an emergency.


The signature of perseverance is having the fortitude to overcome any obstacle in your path, regardless of its difficulty or of the investment of energy and resources necessary to complete the mission.


The state of endurance under difficult circumstances, which can mean persevering in the case of delay or provocation without acting in annoyance in a negative way; exhibiting tolerance under strain, especially when faced with long term difficulties.

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Our Standards

Problem Solver:

No problems, only solutions! Our responsibility is to solve problems. At every level of the organization, our clients rely upon us for solutions to their individual, specific needs.

Master of Your Craft:

Strive for peak performance! Learning is a lifelong process that takes effort and intentionality to continue progression towards mastery.

Squared Away:

If you are not being proactive, you’re underperforming. Squared Away is a term used by the United States Military to describe one whose performance exceeds standards and has continued outstanding performance consistently over time.

Test-Don’t Guess:

Science has provided us a method for discovery. Professionals test systems, circuits and components to determine symptom conditions, failures and causes. By following proper processes, we provide our clients with logical answers and a path forward.


“To speak clearly and distinctly” One of our goals is to ensure our clients’ experience is a positive one. By clearly articulating our message, we strive to eliminate confusion and anxiety. We demonstrate our professionalism with effective listening and clear speech.

Neat and Clean:

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Do you want to build loyal customers? Simple: Show them you care by demonstrating cleanliness in all areas of the shop.


A self-taught person. Never lose your appetite for learning. There is an answer to every question. Be a lifelong student and never let distractions get in the way of your education.


We represent Pacific Motor Service, the industry and the Community. It is important to be intentional about the impression you project. Be conscious of your appearance, demeanor and how you treat those around you.


Respect is given before it is received. Respect for neighbors, respect for the environment and respect for ourselves. Be respectful at all times; show respect without ego and with faith in the innate human ethic of reciprocity.

Dress with Pride:

Dress with class and project success. Successful people attract successful people. Pay attention to the successful people you know and look at their style of dress. They dress with the intent to portray confidence and professionalism.


Successful systems are central to successful businesses. Nobody talks about entrepreneurship as survival, but that’s exactly what it is. Running my first shop taught me that business is not always financial science. It’s continually improving the systems and developing the people whom those systems support.

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